Below are rules specific to the Ancaster Co-Ed Slo-Pitch League. If an issue is not addressed, please apply conventional softball rules. Most importantly, please remember that this is a fun, non-competitive league and play accordingly.

If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know.

2022 Rules: Each team will be allowed one over-the-fence homerun each inning. Beyond that, anything over the fence is an automatic OUT and base runners will not be allowed to advance

Bases shall be set up and removed by the home team. The pitching net shall be set up and removed by the visiting team. All equipment should be in place by 6:25 pm.

3-pitch rules:

    • The batting team will provide a pitcher, who will not make defensive plays on the ball and will make every effort not to interfere with the ball or defensive players in any way.
    • When the pitcher reaches his or her turn in the batting order, a relief pitcher will be provided by the batting team and will be allowed three warm-up pitches if desired.
    • Batters will be out after three strikes. A strike is either a) a swing and miss, b) a pitch which the batter opts not to swing at, c) a hit which strikes the pitcher or d) a foul ball except on the third strike.
    • Deliberate bunting is not allowed.
  • The catcher and pitcher should loudly signal fouls, if possible. The pitcher will be the final decision-maker on whether runners are safe or out, in the case of controversial plays.

Other rules:

    • Each team shall field 9 defensive players, to be deployed in any fielding positions desired. (4 outfield, 4 infield, catcher)
    • Each team should have a minimum of 4 women playing at all times. If a team does not have 4 women, the “mercy rule” alteration below applies.
    • A “mercy rule” of 7 runs will be in place, except in cases where a team is not playing at least 4 women. If there are 3 women on the roster, the mercy rule is reduced to 5 runs. If 2 women, it is reduced to 4 runs.
    • Foul balls that are caught will result in an out, unless the ball has gone off the backstop. Foul tips caught by the catcher will not be considered an out unless they have travelled higher than the height of the backstop.
  • Base runners may not slide, steal or lead off. A “safe” line should be drawn in the dirt from the fence to home plate, with runners arriving home by crossing that line rather than touching the plate.

Beyond the above, normal baseball rules apply. For example: Tags must be applied to make an out, unless there is a force play in effect. Overthrown balls are live unless they leave the field of play, in which case the runner is granted the base they are approaching, plus one. Balls that go under the fence in the outfield are ruled a double.

If in doubt of any official rule, please try to come to a decision by consensus, erring on the side of fun and safety. There are no scouts in the stands, and no World Series rings at the end of the season. Everyone is simply here to have fun, so don’t take the games too seriously.

With regard to safety, please remember that no one is wearing equipment. If you have any doubt as to whether you can safely make a throw, please don’t throw it. Likewise, just because you may be able to drill it down the 3rd base line at a zillion miles an hour, doesn’t mean you should. We have a variety of skill levels playing in this league, and we don’t want to see anyone get hurt. Please use good judgement and err on the side of safety.